The two of us have studied in totally different directions, have done different things and are, in general, fundamentally different personalities. One of us is reason and logic, the other is mood and instincts. Maybe this huge gap makes our life so interesting.

Our life in the green outskirts of the city goes around our friends and families, spending our free time with grilling, gardening on our terrace, watching a Danish film or just chatting with our friends. Frequently, the buzz of the city centre and its cultural attractions draw us in for the search for the new. Luckily, this area is developing in an enormous pace giving us the opportunity to try a new place every now and then.

We are very open and interested in people and their life stories and like travelling, however more inside our own continent. Art and gastronomy in any of their forms keep us alive. Quite frequently we are at classical music performances, in a theatre or in the Opera.

We do respect the private nature of our guests’ holiday, however, if you (as our guest) feel like getting to know us better, or is interested in local life, please let us know, and we happily spend time with you. A walk in the city, a dinner, or just a coffee and a chat somewhere makes your stay – for both of us – a personal experience.